What should I bring?

  • Drinks! We like to be generous and share, but you probably should bring some for yourself as well so that there’s enough for everyone. Please BYOB.
  • Foodles. We’ll send out an email 1-2 weeks before the camp date to coordinate meals with the group.
  • Sleeping bag. We may have one extra available if you ask us to bring it, but we recommend that you bring your own so you’re comfortable.
  • Tent. Similarly, we may have one extra available if you ask us to bring it.
  • Lights. You’ll probably want to bring either a headlamp and/or a flashlight so you can maneuver around in the evenings. We recommend a headlamp!
  • Chair. For sitting around the campfire and chillin’. We’ve got an extra one we can bring if you ask us to.
  • Warm clothes. Nights can get pretty chilly, so it’s better to be prepared with warm clothes.

You’re also welcome to check out our COOLMOVES Packing Checklist that we go through for every camp.

What activites will we do?

Unless we’ve scheduled something special, expect to spend a fair amount of time around the camp site, enjoying the fresh air, the trees, the birds, and the great outdoors. Depending on where we camp and our mood, we may go on a hike in the area as well, but you’re not obligated to hike with us.

In the evenings, we like to lounge around the campfire, listen to music, and enjoy some drinks, jokes, and good company. We can sometimes stay up pretty late, so be sure to bring some ear plugs if you’d like to hit the snoozer early!

Anything I should prepare?

You should check the weather forecast on the days leading up to camping. We wouldn’t want you freezing yourself to death while camping with us, so please be prepared!

Also, be ready to have FUN! We love camping and love sharing our camp adventures with people in our lives. We can’t wait to have you join us at Camp COOLMOVES!

Should I bring a propane/butane stove?

We always bring our propane stove with us, and you’re more than welcome to use it for cooking and/or brewing up your morning coffee.

Ali and propane stove Ali cooking up some yummy foodles on our propane stove

What should we do for coffee?

We pack a bunch of Starbucks VIAs which strikes a good balance between ease of brew/caffeine and flavor. Highly recommended for normal travel for emergency caffeine as well!

What should I do on arrival to a camp?

Before arriving, make sure you know what site our camp is at. We’ve never been asked for a confirmation number, so you shouldn’t need that. Basically, just roll up and let the ranger know you’re in our site.

Does COOLMOVES need to know my license plate to check in my car?

Nope. You should be able to just arrive and let the ranger know you’re with us. There may be a fee for an additional car, so be ready for that in case the ranger asks for it.