Hello, folks!

We have yet to encounter a bear in our adventures, but if you do, here’s a good rule of thumb:

If the bear is brown, lie down, if it’s black, fight back, and if it’s white, say goodnight.

Well, we’re in California, and we only really have Black Bears (even if they’re colored brown). So, if you encounter a bear while camping with us, be ready to:

  • make yourself look big
  • wave your arms
  • yell
  • clap your hands
  • throw small sticks and stones to scare it
  • stand together with other people to look more intimidating
  • don’t approach them and keep your distance
  • give it a way to escape
  • DO NOT try to get items back if they took anything

If we do encounter a bear, be sure to report it to a park ranger right away.

Stay safe!


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