A little late, but here are details for this weekend’s upcoming camp in Montaña de Oro:

  • Islay Creek Campground

Friday, June 29th

  • We’ll be heading over to the campsite mid-afternoon.
  • Ali has a meeting in Salinas, and I’ll be working remotely out of Starbucks until it’s time to head out.
  • Upon arrival: setup camp, chill out, fire, dinner, fun times.
  • Dinner: Ivan/Ali

Saturday, June 30th

  • Breakfast: Liz/Rob
  • Lunch: Ivan/Ali
  • Also on the table: kayaking and hiking
  • Dinner: Liz/Rob

Sunday, July 1st

  • Breakfast: TBD
  • Checkout: noon
  • Wine tasting?

There were some folks who told me they’d be interested in coming to stop by our camp, as they’ll be in SLO during the weekend. Come by and say hi!



  • Ali, Ivan, Bibo
  • Liz, Robb
Site Primitive #27
Checkin 2pm