Camp Coolmoves had another great camp! We took on Portola Redwood State Park with Ali, Ivan, Sir Bibo, our furry Shiba Inu friend Kula, and our new addition: our Subaru Crosstrek, affectionately and appropriately named Bluemoves!

The Goodness

  • Bluemoves was great on the twisties driving into the camp. We saw the fog rolling in and the sun, reddened by the unfortunately smoke-filled sky, as we made our way into the redwoods. We’ve got a moonroof too, so we could see the sky and the trees above us along the way too.
  • We also saw a cute little white wise owl hanging out in a meadow before we got to camp.
  • Every site there was enveloped within groves of ancient redwoods, and each site seemed to have a unique set of old and/or fallen trees that gave character to the little temporary homes.
  • This was the first time we brought astro-turf to use as a small front patio to place our shoes and for Bibo to lay on: it worked great!
  • Camp #27 was hugged on one side by the creek, which was great to have some added privacy.
  • Ali had the great idea to repurpose an old shower curtain to use as a table cloth. It was awesome, and really made things cozy at the table!

Things Learned

  • Kula no like camping and outdoors things.
  • Most of the hikes didn’t allow dogs on the trail :(
  • We tried Safeway’s generic brand of La Croix called Refreshe Spritzer but were not impressed: they were too sweet for our tastes, especially when they got warm.
  • Don’t buy the Reliance Nylon Water Container: the first one we got tore before even using it, and this one the spout leaked. We’ll be returning it!
  • We should really try to do a better job of taking more photos.

Another great trip!

  • April 13-14: Samuel P. Taylor COOLED!
  • May 5-6: Mt. Diablo COOLED!
  • June 29-July 1: Montana de Oro COOLED!
  • August 24-25: Portola Redwoods COOLED!

  • Ali, Ivan, Bibo, Kula
Site 27
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