Camp COOLMOVES had another successful outing this past weekend. We took on one night at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park with Kula, who gave us a new use for our tent stakes.

The Goodness

  • Campsites were very isolated from each other, and we never felt like we had to be quiet at night.
  • The facilities were super clean and nice, with toilet paper, running water, and there was even a shower.
  • Ali gave me a Black Diamond Moji Color light as a gift, and this was the first chance for us to use it in the wild. It was bright, with a great color, and we could easily hang it up inside our new Big Tent.
  • The weather was perfect: not too cold at night, Ali was able to sleep great, and it wasn’t difficult to get up in the morning.
  • Ali had the great idea to get a string of lights. They’re lightweight and bright. Great on the table to help keep things well lit!
  • Watermelon. Yum. 🍉

Things Learned

  • We tried stopping by Calistoga on our way out at a winery called Tank Garage; they were packed! So we had to end up skipping that adventure.
  • So many mosquitoes! I arrived around 6pm, and about 30 minutes later, when Ali arrived, we were in Zika Town. We had a spray, but that seemed to last about 10 minutes until we’d need to re-spray. It made it extremely difficult to get the camp setup. Once we got the fire started, I think we were able to start smoking them away. So buggy! Need a better solution for this next time.
  • Kula is quite the suburban gal who likes paved roads and hates the outdoors.
  • We forgot to bring plates, but we were able to eat out of some aluminum trays we had. Oops.

Bothe-Napa Valley SP COOLED


It’s finally here: the first camp of the 2019 season!

Here are the details for this weekend’s upcoming camp at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park.


  • Ritchey Creek Campground

Friday, April 19th

  • ~3pm: Ivan will start the drive up from Oakland to the park
  • Ali will be arriving later from her office in Santa Rosa with additional supplies
  • upon arrival: setup camp, chill out, fire, dinner, fun times

Saturday, April 20th

  • morning: breakfast, coffee, and packing up
  • 12pm: final time to check out of site
  • after checkout: hiking? head home



  • Ali, Ivan, Bibo, Kula
Site 45