The Goodness

  • Our site was #37, and it was the best! We had our own little driveway, and were isolated from all the other sites.
  • Blue Moves, and its trusty AWD was perfect for the rocky roads.
  • The plastic egg holder we got at the start of the season has been a big winner. No more soggy egg cartons, and we can easily pack a 6-pack of eggs right next to a 6-pack of Coors Light.
  • New rubber spatulas: our poor pan had suffered enough cookings with our metal spatula, so Ali suggested we get rubber ones, and it was a great choice: a lot easier to cook with now.
  • We optimized our coffee setup to just buy Starbucks VIA packets. No need to pack our french press or beans anymore, and it saves us time in the morning. Sorry, coffee geeks! ☕️
  • Chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s made for a yummy and quickly prepared dinner, and we could even use the leftovers for breakfast 🍳
  • The wood we bought from the park came with little starter cakes that looked like hamburger patties. That was a first for us!
  • Hiking, we met many friends along the way: quails, butterflies, pheasants, turkeys, cows, deer, rabbit, red winged blackbirds.

Things Learned

  • Somehow, we lost a sponge that we used for washing dishes 🧽 How did that happen? We suspect it was Camp Raccoons nearby.
  • Cold 🥶 C-c-c-cold! We were a bit surprised by how cold it was in the evening, and poor Bibo didn’t have his Pendleton this time. Gotta remember that nights in the area can still be frigid.
  • The water coming out of the faucets was yellow. Yuck! We boiled it for coffee, but not really the best for drinking.
  • We got a citronella anti-mosquito candle, and it was OK. I’m still not sold on how well it works.
  • Bibo really needs some booties for our next camp. Poor guy got so much grass and nature in his fur. What a city boy!
  • Bothe-Napa Valley SP COOLED
  • Joseph D Grant Park COOLED


Here are the details for this weekend’s upcoming camp at Joseph D Grant County Park in Santa Clara.

Friday, May 3rd

  • ~5pm: Ivan and Ali will start the drive down from Oakland to the park
  • upon arrival: setup camp, chill out, fire, dinner, fun times

Saturday, May 4th

  • morning: breakfast, coffee, and packing up
  • 1pm: final time to check out of site
  • after checkout: hiking? head home

May the Fourth be with you!



  • Ali, Ivan, Bibo
Site 37
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