As our faithful COOLMOVERS have come to expect, we have some great camps on the schedule this year. HOWEVER! Because we are very excited to welcome our newest COOLMOVER at the end of March, we are planning a limited first season as we know nothing about babies + camping (👶 + ⛺️).

We invite you to join us in 2 camps with the caveat that we may bail and/or there may be a screaming baby in the night (👶😱).

BACK this year: the highly anticipated (and much missed last year) Annual Metrodip Awards™.

We will send out reminders for each COOLing if we can stay awake enough to write them.

Let us know if you’d like to join us for any of these trips, especially if you have experience camping with babies and can teach us things (👶🎓).

Ali, Ivan, Bozzy, and BABY

Sedona baby

2023 Camps