We’ve handled rain ☔️, ️snow ❄, extreme heat 🔥, but this was our first time dealing with intense winds 🌪️. There were 26mph sustained winds which brought many challenges to Camp COOLMOVES. All our neighbors disappeared, but we persevered!

Phoebe did great on her first COOLING despite the wind burns. She looked like a sherpa after ascending Mt. Everest by the end of the weekend. Thankfully, her parents (founders of COOLMOVES, Metrodip™️, and the Annual Metrodip Awards™) were well prepared so she had a fantastic time.

Samantha joined us for the Weekend of Wind and Cheri and D even stopped by for happy hour on Father’s Day to celebrate. Samantha also supplied the craft project: 3 friendship bracelets were completed.

No Racs but Skunk encounter.

Skunks: 1, COOLMOVES: 0.

Read on for details. And look forward to COOLING Gualala Point in July.

The Goodness

  • Wildlife: Sea lion, Quails, Pelicans, Turkey vultures, No Racs! Some bird racs tried tho. 🐦
    • Skunk! 🦨 Bozzy saw skunk, investigated, got sprayed, got to have a shower in the camp shower, got exiled from tent, and had to sleep in car with Baba.
  • New gear!
  • Engineered and constructed wind shelter with canopy using only wits and our items on hand.
  • Campsite was close to parking lot, view of the water, close to the bathrooms (seems like negative but worked out well with baby for bottle cleaning and skunked dog cleaning)
  • Dogs ARE allowed on the beach

Food Achievements

  • Mac’n Cheese with Kielbasa
  • Shrimp’n Steak Tacos (wow!) 🍤🥩
  • Sam brought bagels for morning
  • Overnight Oats

Things Learned

  • Big Tent broke another pole in crazy winds; new BIG TENT on tap for next COOLING and RIP Kelty Camp 6 Cabin 🪦☠️
  • Inside the tent, felt like we were sleeping in a flag 🏳️. We were getting decibel warnings from our Apple Watches! 📢
  • After-market stakes was clutch! Tent, rain cover, canopy, wind shelter, garbage/recycle bins. Luckily we had enough extras, but we’ll be buying more since they were so useful. 🥩

Woman with goggles

  • Ali, Ivan, Phoebe, Bozzy
  • Samantha
Site Miwok Tent H
Checkin 2pm
Checkout 12pm
Max vehicles 2
Max occupants 8
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