Hola! We’re back from our first ever Coolmoves International trip! Here’s all the amazing that happened.

The Goodness

  • We were so glad that Samantha could join us for our first Coolmoves International outing!
  • We scored a sweet top floor at the Villa del Palmar suite with an outdoor… bathtub?
  • Plenty of sun time on the beach! Our resort was right against the water, so we got easy access to the waves and sand and the ocean breeze. We asked: How does sunblock work?
  • Street art. Great to see along the drive down to the old town and in the town itself. I think we only scratched the surface of the art scene there, but I got the feeling there was a community happening.
  • Boat tour and horse riding to secluded waterfall. It was great to see the view of PV from the water and get a sense of the recent growth of the city. Seeing the small town of Quimixto and riding up with new horse friends to a waterfall: what a magical experience! Plus, yummy foods too!
  • Our resort was across the street from a Food Park that was essentially a food truck park. We would go every morning to get a decent cup of coffee, and we had some fantastic steak and aguas chiles there.
  • Having a diet that mainly consisted of tacos, chips, and seafood, I found it refreshing to get some fruit from a stand on the beach. The nice woman would cut up a huge platter of mango, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, and melon in front of me for 70 pesos.
  • Restaurants we loved:
    • El Brujo: Camarones Dragones!
    • Cafe de Artistes: fancy expensive restaurant where you feel like you’re having a meal in the jungle
    • Mi Cafe
    • A little taco truck on the side of the road near our resort called: “Fast Truck”

Things Learned

  • We went snorkeling, and the water had microscopic jellyfish that would sting our bodies; my balls were stinging!
  • It was great to go on a taco tour and walk around the streets, and yet we found the food a bit lacking, and enjoyed the flavors of our own discoveries much better than those on the tour. Also, we were promised 2 beers on the tour, and we only got 1!
  • We were introduced to a bar called Bar La Playa after the taco tour; we had a blast hanging out and chatting with the bartenders and made new friends. When we went back a few nights later, the mood had changed quite a bit, and it had become quite the ex-pat bar with loud music and bad service. Boo!
  • After a couple days of lounging next to the water, the vendors coming up to us every 2 minutes to ask if we wanted to buy something started to get exhausting.
  • One taxi driver thought it would be nice to blast Eminem’s Stan for us, because Americans like that.
  • At Cafe de Artistes, a crazy thing happened where ants started falling on us! Woa!
  • There was a big hairy spider/trantula(?) on the Boardwalk that Sam nearly stepped on! I think it was actually fake.


  • Bothe-Napa Valley SP COOLED
  • Joseph D Grant Park COOLED
  • Puerto Vallarta COOLED



  • Ali, Ivan
  • Sam