Last weekend, Camp Coolmoves had our last amazing outing of the season at Bodega Dunes in Sonoma. It was sandy and sunny! ☀️

The Goodness

  • Bryan, Yukari, Sylvio, and Koh joined us on Saturday night, and the kids loved the sand and dunes. They were able to keep themselves entertained by climbing up and rolling down the dunes. So cute!
  • Our site was #87, and it was totally awesome! We never left! There was a little hill which was like our own private patio and sunshine. Our tents stayed in the shade, and we got just the right balance between sun and shadow. Screw those NIMBYs who are not down with shadows!
  • This was Bibo’s favorite site of the 2019 Season 🏆
  • The sand was soft, and it was like a beach without the water.
  • It’s time for the Percolator.
  • Jessie and Matt dropped by for the evening on Saturday night, what a great joy to have them be able to be a part of the fun!
  • We saw vultures fighting each other.

Things Learned

  • We could hear the fog horn in the distance in the evenings 🔈💨
  • We also heard sea lions! 🌊🦁
  • I showed Bryan and Yukari my fancy new iPad Pro and all the things you can do with it. IT support from IT 🤓
  • We didn’t really bring enough Coors Lights or Le Croix
  • Cypress trees have… little nut things.
  • We got a pie from Trader Joe’s, and the clerk put it in the bag sideways! We called it Vertical Pie.
  • I was in charge of toasting the buns, and I was able use my Toasting Association of America approved technique of toasting above the fire pit. Toast Masters. 🔥


  • Bothe-Napa Valley SP COOLED
  • Joseph D Grant Park COOLED
  • Bodega Dunes COOLED


Ivan, Ali, and Bibo

Here are the details for this weekend’s upcoming camp at Bodega Dunes in Sonoma Coast State Park.

What foods to bring!

  • BYOB
  • You’re on your own for Friday night dinner, so make sure you bring something!
  • Please bring something as a side for the BBQ dinner on Saturday night; we’ll bring the meats 🍖

Friday, June 7th

  • We’re not sure if we can get out of work early, but we’ll do our best to make it earlier. See you guys there!
  • Our reservation only covers 1 car, so be aware that additional cars will be charged per night
  • Since we don’t know what time we’ll arrive, you should figure out dinner on your own
  • Upon arrival: setup camp, chill out, fire, dinner, fun times

Saturday, June 8th

  • Morning; breakfast, coffee
  • Lunch: Spud Point Crab Company
  • Beach? Hiking? Pt Reyes, Bodega Bay
  • Dinner: BBQ, hamburgers, sausages, yums

Sunday, June 9th

  • Morning: breakfast, coffee, and packing up
  • 12pm: final time to check out of site
  • after checkout: hiking? head home


Ivan, Ali, Bibo

[We're FULL!]
  • Ali, Ivan, Bibo
  • The Butterfields!
Site 87
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