We can see why Bodega Dunes was nominated for the 2019 Metrodip Award for Best Camp 🏆 and we know that it’s still a contender in 2022 as well. We’ll have to wait to see what the judges think this year. The suspense! Some great things are: this camp isn’t too far from civilization, but it makes you feel like you’ve gotten away from it all. A short drive away is Doran Beach, which is an incredible day trip, and the town of Bodega Bay is close by too if you want some saltwater taffy.

The Goodness

  • Doran Beach: smooth sand, lots of kites, dog friendly, expansive views! We purchased a 1yr pass to Sonoma County Regional Parks. Saw one person with a cat on a leash at the beach. It was crazy.
  • Dune time next site over reserved for Axelrod. “We used your site as our own for one hour.” (Sneaky goodness!)
  • Sand > Dirt. So nice to have a sandy site instead of a dirt site.
  • Wildlife: we saw a fox carrying a dead rat that it killed back to its den. We heard weird honking of birds but didn’t see the honk birds. We heard sea lions and fog horns. Ali saw a falcon circling. Bozzy saw quail. It was nice. (Nature goodness!)
  • We love Sports Basement. It is a local store. REI is not. We like the free propane refill program. (“I got gas”)
  • Craft time abundance with Sam t-shirt painting and Ivan shaman stick honing.
  • Long leash Bozzy explorer. Good Bozz-boy!
  • The foodles:
    • Ali + Tapatio (tm) pre-made sauce
    • Sam + biscuits and gravy which were very yummy
    • Sam + super yummy campfire pizza
    • New recipe alert! Banana boats for dessert cooked in campfire
  • Ali red light mode on headlamp: less direct glare into face of co-COOLERS.
  • Very short drive from Petaluma: only 40 minutes!

Things Learned

  • First night: no racs. Last night: rac hands but no casualties. COOLMOVES success. Camp Rac: 2, Camp COOLMOVES: 1.
  • We tried our Camp COOLMOVES Canopy (CCMC) for the first time. It let us have some extra privacy and portable to beach.
  • Sam forgot camp chair. She texted us on the way to alert us. We brought an extra so everyone is happy. COOLMOVES to the rescue.
  • Ali forgot beanie. Sam had an extra so everyone was happy. Sam to the rescue!
  • We found wood seller right across the street from Bodega Dunes Campground. $10 each for big sack! Good deal!
  • Forgot garbage bins but it was OK because the camp garbage was right by our site.
  • Need scooping spoon because if there are sauces, we need to be able to scoop them out.
  • Ivan used new wood chopping technique to make kindling.


[We're FULL!]
  • Ali, Ivan, Bozzy
  • Samantha
Site 85
Checkin 2pm
Checkout 12pm
Max vehicles 2
Max occupants 8
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