Camp COOLMOVES picked the hottest month of the year to tackle Pinnacles National Park and campground. After three previous successful COOLINGS this year, your COOL captains thought they were a match for this wilderness and Rac haven. Let me tell you: this might have been an overestimation.

We had a great time with Jordan, Joe, Tamiko, Ali, and Ivan and a lot of adventures along the way. Read on for more.

We look forward to seeing you all next year and already have some fantastic COOLINGS up our Muad’Dibs. Also, stay tuned for the annual Metrodip Awards(tm) where we run down all of our favorites from the past year.

The Goodness

  • Wildlife: Acorn woodpeckers, king snake, red-legged frog, probably adolescent condor, many deers, cute squirrel things, day racs, and… BIG BIG RACS 🗑️🐼
  • Hiking:
    • Condor Gulch/High Peaks Loop Hike. On this 5.3-mile strenuous loop, you’ll climb up to Condor Gulch Overlook and you can stop there if you don’t want to go far OR continue up to the Steep and Narrow portion of the trail in the High Peaks area of the park 🥾
    • Balconies Cave. Lower half of the cave opened that morning due to the hibernating bats 🦇
  • Pool for heat relief! Especially good after hiking ☀️

Food achievements

Things Learned

    • In the midst of unpacking the car, The Racs got into the car and grasped an entire bag of popcorn, promptly spilling it on the ground, and attracting a hoarde of other Racs! They obviously then saw us as the weakest link for food.
    • One of the Rac Pack crawled up onto our picnic table while we were eating dinner.
    • And even one came into the slightly unzipped tent while Ali was sleeping and Ivan was getting ready for bed; Ali saw its two beady eyes and flapped around a bunch and screamed. So the rac fled and peed the tent a little bit on its way out 👎
    • Racs win again. Racs: 7. COOLMOVES: 0.
  • Full deflation was achieved! The air mattress that was quitting on us in Standish-Hickey decided it had enough even when trying to patch holes, nothing would hold the air inside 🕳️ New mattress delivered from Amazon-dot-com for next cooling.
  • Had to leave Bozzy with his Papillon Brother because it was too hot (reached 105 degrees) and dogs aren’t allowed on trails.
  • No fires allowed. Ivan projector fired! (See photos)
  • BAIT AND SWITCH! Site 76 from our cooling in 2020 was swapped and so we were at a different site this year. Next to the Germans.

Frontiers tape

[We're FULL!]
  • Ali, Ivan
  • Joe and Tamiko
  • Jordan
Site 76
Checkin 1pm
Checkout 11am
Max vehicles 2
Max occupants 6
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